We deliver food from all restaurants in the Miles City area.

Menu prices subject to change without notice. No checks. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


Beverages available upon request. No alcohol. 

Recommended Eateries

Trails Inn / Range Riders

Updated 8/12/19

Other Menus

4B's Restaurant

Updated 8/30/18

No waffles after noon

600 Cafe

Updated 9/5/18

Open until 2PM

No salad bar for delivery

Airport Inn


Black Iron Grill

Updated 10/2/19

Lunch menu

Dinner menu

Dairy Queen


Updated 5/8/19

Hole In The Wall

No salad bar for delivery

Little Caesar's Pizza


Mexico Lindo

Updated 3/4/19

Closed Mondays

New Hunan

Updated 1/14/19

Remember When Cafe and Bakery

Updated 1/28/19

Closed Monday

Open until 4:30PM Tuesday-Thursday

Open until 5PM Friday

Seabeck Pizza & Subs

Updated 10/4/19

Closed Mondays & Tuesdays

Closed 1PM-4PM


Taco John's

Tilt Würks

Updated 7/9/19


Updated 8/12/19


Yellowstone Tavern

Updated 11/1/18